Sandra Perez Gluschankoff

About me

I was born and raised in Argentina. My mother, born in a refugee camp in Italy, my grandparents Romanians Jews, and World War Two survivors. From my father’s side the flavor of Safed, Israel.
My childhood happened during the years of the dirty war, the military regime. I was fortunate to have the best teachers, who risked their lives by telling us the truth. While my academic background is in psychoanalysis, anthropology, Judaic studies, and Hebrew teaching, my interest turned to writing. I have written six screenplays. In 2004, My thriller Voices From The Tomato Fields, was a semifinalist in the Write Movies International Screenplay Contest, and a top one hundred in Project Greenlight.
For three consecutive years, I served as a Judge for the Brass Brad Screenwriting Mentorship Award. In 2012 I judged for the U.C.S.B. Student Screenwriting Competition. A couple of years before writing my first historical novel The Last Fernandez, I worked as a freelance writer and script consultant

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