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About me

Member of the HNS since at least 1999, and helped organise the very first HNS Conference in London in 2001, with Sarah Cuthbertson – we proved it could be done!

I often review books and write articles for the HNR. Interested in novels set in the 5th-6th century. A while back, I wrote an article about Rosemary Sutcliff for the HNS and it can now be found at:

I am an archaeologist specialising in finds.

From my website

Medieval Tiles in the news - Westgate, Oxford

  The 13th century tile pavement uncovered at Westgate Oxford © Oxford Archaeology "The tiles were probably made near Newbury in West Berkshire and are of the 'Stabbed Wessex' type, whose main period of use was between AD 1280 – 1350."Full story at:

Bricks help win an archaeological award ...

Bricks help to win the British Archaeological Award for the Best Community Engagement Project - well done to the people of Cleenish & Killesher!There's also a website for the project, including how the bricks were used:

Remains of 17th century buildings found in Hull's old town

Sadly, save for a few bricks that have been analysed and kept for posterity, the relics look destined for the scrap heap as work continues in earnest. Mr George said: "There was always the possibility of building remains being found. We have planned for this." Hull Dail Mail 13th July…

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