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A Lady in Disguise

“A Lady in Disguise, the final—and most romantic!—novel in the Daughters of Hampshire series, balances moments of sheer loveliness with things dark and deadly.  Author Sandra Byrd ushers readers onto a story-rope pulled taut by social, political, criminal and sigh-worthy romantic tension. On the surface, theatre seamstress Gillian and aristocrat…

A Lady in Disguise

“With impeccable research and elegant writing, Sandra Byrd brings Victorian England to life in her latest novel, A Lady in Disguise. Readers of historical fiction will be delighted with the romance, mystery, and inspiration in this page-turning story, and they will be kept guessing until the end to see how…

2016 Teacup and Coffee Mug Exchange

I’m delighted that you’ll be joining us for my annual tea cup exchange! It’s very simple to participate! You agree to send a carefully packaged teacup and saucer (or a coffee mug) to someone, and she will agree to send one to you. Please select something to give that you…

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