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The Salvation Army and Child Trafficking in the Victorian Era

There were hundreds, perhaps thousands of organizations intent on doing good for others in the Victorian Era; it’s heartening, and perhaps a little convicting, to see how many people were dedicated to lifting the misery of others. In this book, though, I focused not only on the Theatrical Mission (which…

Enter the Raffle!

This week my new book, A Lady in Disguise, launches, and we are hoping to spread the word. Because word of mouth and finger strokes on social media are two of the best ways to spread the news about books, the way to enter the Rafflecopter drawing is by doing just…

A Lady in Disguise Giveaway!

I would love to introduce you to this wonderful London Lady.  Let’s have a little fun while we do it, shall we? Here is an online Victorian name generator.  Simply put your name into the boxes, and press random name generator. See what comes up. You can add a title…

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