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An avid reader. Just finishing the first draft of a novel set in nineteenth century Cornwall.

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X is Xmas Shopping

A-Z Challenge.Random Sightings No 24.Christmas shopping is the last thing you want to think about in spring but here are some random sightings from last year.

W is for Water

A-Z Challenge. Random Sightings No 23.Slowly but surely the end of the challenge approaches. I shall be overrunning into May but at least I intend to finish although I'm not sure if that entitles me to a survivors certificate.Today some watery pictures.

V is for Vacant

A-Z Challenge. Random Sightings No 22.Some random pictures loosely based on the theme 'vacant'.This building, the remains of a Victorian factory on Leicester's Frog Island, has been vacant for as long as I can remember.Dominoes, a much loved toy shop which has provided generations of Leicester's childrenwith happy memories, is now shut. Although…

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