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Ruth Hull Chatlien has been a writer and editor of educational materials for twenty-five years. Her speciality is U.S. and world history. She is the author of The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte, a historical novel based on the life of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, and the young adult book Modern American Indian Leaders.
She lives in northeastern Illinois with her husband, Michael. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found gardening, knitting, drawing, painting, or watching American football.

From my website

Review: Mystery at Sag Bridge

The first word that comes to mind to describe this novel is “fun.” I enjoyed it immensely. I don’t usually read ghost stories, so I was surprised how much I liked this one. The premise in intriguing: it combines the modern story of a retired woman, grieving the lost of…

Review of The Women’s Center

    Four women, with little in common except their ties to a Catholic women’s college in Chicago, are called together by Sister Mark, the nun they all adore. Diane is a successful journalist tentatively recovering from an event that shattered her life. June is a skilled carpenter, uncertain how…

Looking for Reviewers

Jay Amberg, my friend and publisher, just came out with a new novel. It’s an archaeological thriller called Bone Box. Here’s the synopsis: On a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey, an international team of archeologists discovers a stone box that first-century Jews used to rebury their dead. The…

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