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Ruth Hull Chatlien has been a writer and editor of educational materials for twenty-five years. Her speciality is U.S. and world history. She is the author of The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte, a historical novel based on the life of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, and the young adult book Modern American Indian Leaders.
She lives in northeastern Illinois with her husband, Michael. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found gardening, knitting, drawing, painting, or watching American football.

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My upcoming novel Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale will be published on June 14. Today, I want to share the cover and one of the early scenes.   EXCERPT July 1862 “Mama, mama, come look!” The voice of my son breaks into the conversation I am having with my hired girl. Jimmy races…

Cover Reveal!

Check out the cover reveal and preorder information for my upcoming novel at the blog Layered Pages.    

Dakota War Stories: Mary Schwandt and Snana

My upcoming novel Blood Moon: A Captive’s Tale tells the story of Sarah Wakefield, a woman who was taken captive with her two young children during the Dakota War of 1862, which took place in southern Minnesota. Today, I want to tell you about another remarkable captivity narrative from this war: the…

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