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I’m the author of six mysteries featuring Roman Army medic and reluctant sleuth, Gaius Petreius Ruso, and his British partner Tilla. In their latest adventure, TABULA RASA, Ruso is tending the builders of Hadrian’s Wall. When rumours start to spread that there’s a body buried in the Wall and a young boy disappears, the discontent of the locals threatens to erupt into violent rebellion.

I’m fascinated by the tensions that must have existed between occupiers and occupied in Roman Britain, and by the fact that although most of the characters are long forgotten, the setting still lies beneath our feet.

When not writing or researching the Ruso novels, my happiest moments are spent wielding an archaeological trowel.

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Distribution confusion

Friends, something has gone strangely amiss of late with the distribution of some of the Medicus series in the UK. If you’re searching for a paper copy and even your lovely local bookseller can’t find one, please get in touch via the Contact page and I’ll see whether I can…


Lest anyone should think absolutely nothing’s been happening at Downie Towers while the  editor was drafting her feedback on Ruso 7 – here’s news of a completely independent project. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the award-nominated team who put together A Day of Fire last year,…

Drawing breath

There comes a point when even I have to stop talking. When it seems the supply of words – written and spoken – is drying up, and it’s time to retrench, or retreat, or recharge, or something. The well is empty, and it needs time to refill. So while the…

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