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I’m the author of seven mysteries featuring Roman Army medic and reluctant sleuth, Gaius Petreius Ruso, and his British partner Tilla. In their latest adventure, VITA BREVIS, Ruso and Tilla head to Rome. They soon discover that the grand facades of polished marble mask an underworld of corrupt landlords and vermin-infested tenements. There are also far too many doctors – some skilled, but others positively dangerous.

I’m fascinated by the tensions that must have existed between Roman and Briton during the occupation, and how those tensions must have played out in the lives of ordinary people now long forgotten.

When not writing or researching the Ruso novels, my happiest moments are spent wielding an archaeological trowel.

From my website

Good news and not-so-good news

The good news: thanks to Bloomsbury’s Holiday Sale, the ebook of “Medicus” is briefly and wondrously cheap in the USA right now – The not-so-good news: the series isn’t in ebook at all in the UK at the moment (sigh), but it WILL be coming back. There will be…

Coping with the party season, Roman-style

The season of partying has begun! Io Saturnalia! “No need to rush: the guests won’t be here for ages.” …although to be honest I’ve never been terribly confident about social occasions. Nothing illustrates my lack of prowess so well as the time I turned up to a party to find…

Things that go slop in the night: a Samain warning before bedtime.

Never mind the pumpkins and the witches’ hats: here’s a timely tale borrowed from our Irish neighbours. It wasn’t written down until about 900 years ago but may be much older. Unless a miracle happens, this sort of thing is the nearest we’re ever likely to get to the kind…

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