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I’m the author of six mysteries featuring Roman Army medic and reluctant sleuth, Gaius Petreius Ruso, and his British partner Tilla. In their latest adventure, TABULA RASA, Ruso is tending the builders of Hadrian’s Wall. When rumours start to spread that there’s a body buried in the Wall and a young boy disappears, the discontent of the locals threatens to erupt into violent rebellion.

I’m fascinated by the tensions that must have existed between occupiers and occupied in Roman Britain, and by the fact that although most of the characters are long forgotten, the setting still lies beneath our feet.

When not writing or researching the Ruso novels, my happiest moments are spent wielding an archaeological trowel.

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‘Medicus’ is today’s Kindle UK Daily Deal!

The headline says it all, really! Just for today, the first book in the series is a bargain £1.19 on Kindle in the UK. Hopefully that evens things up for folks this side of the pond who’ve been unable to access American deals in the past.* *Just a note of…

Caption Competition winner!

Many thanks to everyone who’s kept Downie Towers chuckling over the last couple of weeks with captions for the mosaic, both here and on Facebook. Special mentions go to: Paul Bennett for, “Honey, I shrunk the Emperor.” Ian Hobbs for, “I don’t care how proud you are, you cannot send…

Competition fever!

There’s competition fever here at Downie Towers, with the caption competition running till the end of July, plus two more chances to win goodies. Apologies to those who’ve heard this all before, but in case you haven’t… First, a chance to stock up your summer reading bag with books of…

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