Rosella M. Leslie

About me

Rosella M. Leslie is a writer of both historical fiction and nonfiction. She has done extensive oral histories and written, or co-written histories of the Sunshine Coast BC, salmon farming and local characters. Her first historical fiction novel, The Federov Legacy, was published by Caitlin Press in 2013. Her other novels are The Goat Lady’s Daughter (NeWest Press 2006) and Drift Child (NeWest Press 2010).

In 1996 Rosella was awarded a Certificate of Merit for historical writing for Bright Seas, Pioneer Spirits, co-written with Betty C. Keller. In 2005 she was a co-recipient of a BC Book Prize for her contribution to A Stain Upon The Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming.

Rosella has also edited two published histories, and has presented research workshops in her community.

Today Rosella resides on the Sunshine Coast where she is working on a sequel to The Federov Legacy.

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