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Hard-Boiled Anxiety

Praise for Hard-Boiled Anxiety “Curl up on the analyst’s couch with all your favorite mystery scribes, as Karen Huston Karydes sleuths out the neurotic, personal threads that make up the warp and the weft of their greatest fictions. A dark, yet illuminating read.” — Kim Cooper, author of The Raymond…

Chesapeake People

Chesapeake People looks into the lives of a variety of intriguing citizens who call the Eastern Shore home. Among them are scientists, watermen, an educator, a world class sailor and a minister. Their fascinating stories are not only entertaining but offer insight into a special lifestyle. Except for four years…

“The Oblate’s Confession” Named One of Best Indie Books of 2015

“Kirkus Reviews” has named William Peak’s debut novel, “The Oblate’s Confession,” to its Best Indie Books of 2015 list – and more particularly, as one of the best Indie Historical Novels of 2015. Peak said of this national recognition, “Needless to say, I am pleased.  I wanted to try, in…

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