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Build Me a Tower

Theo MacBain is known from coast to coast as a stonemason’s mason, master of the art of finding just the right rock at the right time. Word of mouth alone guarantees him all the high-end stonework he can handle. His face is weathered, his craftsman s arms sinewed.Stones are easy,…

Launch of debut novel, “Shadow of Whimsy,” set for July 14 in St. Michaels

St. Michaels, MD — Local author Ann Hymes has written her debut novel on the challenging issues of a struggling marriage, unfulfilled needs, and buried family secrets in Chatham, Massachusetts.  Theresa Alston Crandall is suffocating in her marriage when she receives an unexpected inheritance of a bizarre oceanfront house called…

Shadow of Whimsy

Several generations of one family have lived, loved, and lied at Whimsy Towers, a unique oceanfront house in Chatham, Massachusetts. Strong women who refuse to be suffocated by marriage have found excitement and refuge in this house filled with artists and parties. Love surfaces in unexpected ways. The newest owner,…

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