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Heritage craftsman releases first two novels

October 6, 2016 CONTACT:                   Ron Sauder,,  (410) 845-3193 Charles McRaven,  Editors and Producers: Photos, jacket images and review copies are available on request. At an age when most people are easing into well-deserved retirement, Charles “Mac” McRaven, 81, is shifting into high gear on a new career –…


by William A. Schiemann Fufilled! addresses the broad issue of life fulfillment—an enduring quality that includes both daily happiness and, more important, a long-term, sustainable sense of achieving all one can be. The author defines life fulfillment as achieving your dreams and creating a lifestyle that brings exceptional happiness and…

Winter Rage

by Charles McRaven A bitter feud spirals out of control, bringing suspicion, accusations, and violent assault to members of two neighboring families in the Ozark Mountains. When a stand of oak trees is felled for their timber, questions of property lines come into play. A struggling family of hardscrabble farmers…

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