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When Will It Happen?

By Susan Yaruta-Young Crossing The Bridge from Downeast Maine onto Deer Isle is more than traveling up, up, up, then down, down, down, 2,000 feet over the salty waves of Eggemoggin Reach. Many people claim it is a journey back in time into a world where the past lives beside…

The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero

By Ken Brigham At fifteen, Blanche Nero watches the electrocution of her Italian immigrant father, punishment for the inexplicable brutal murder of his recently acquired friend Old Man Flaherty. She resolves to do something with her life that values humanity over justice, mercy over sacrifice. But she is forever haunted…

Build Me a Tower

By Charles McRaven Theo MacBain is known from coast to coast as a stonemason’s mason, master of the art of finding just the right rock at the right time. Word of mouth alone guarantees him all the high-end stonework he can handle. His face is weathered, his craftsman’s arms sinewed.Stones…

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