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Roger Paulding is founder of the Houston Writers Guild and mentor to writers in the area. He is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and a native of Oklahoma.

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IT: The Curious Trailer of Stephen King’s Film Adaptation

By Kimmarie Rojas, MLS, SEO “We all float down here …” …and on September 8, Stephen King’s unforgettable thriller, “IT”, will be floating into a theater near you. Pennywise the Clown, arguably one of King’s most terrifying creatures, will be introduced to a whole new generation of horror fans and…


By Teresa Trent, Houston Writers Guild Member HWGVoices Crafting Post #1 Book research can be an exciting part of the writing craft. The process can be interesting and fun; still, many authors admit that research can also become daunting.  Additionally, excess research can be overwhelming, as well as a handy procrastination…

“The Writing Craft” Submission Guidelines for Members’ Posts

Welcome to HWG Voices Blog! Houston Writers Guild is excited and proud to launch the HWG Voices Blog.  The main purpose of the blog is to share our members voices through various blog posting campaigns.  Below are the submission guidelines for the first members’ blog post campaign:  “The Writing Craft”.   There are no other content…

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