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Roger Paulding is founder of the Houston Writers Guild and mentor to writers in the area. He is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and a native of Oklahoma.

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Research Breathes Life to Story

Guest blog by Alicia Richardson   June in Texas is a sultry affair. By the time you walk from the front door to your car, you’re damp, and unless you’ve planned accordingly with industrial strength-hair products, your luscious locks are all a-frizz. That may be the real reason for big…


By Teresa Trent, Houston Writers Guild Member HWGVoices Crafting Post #1 Book research can be an exciting part of the writing craft. The process can be interesting and fun; still, many authors admit that research can also become daunting.  Additionally, excess research can be overwhelming, as well as a handy procrastination…

Fellowship in the Writing Community

By Fern Brady Practicing Mutuality Within Your Writing Community Creating a cohesive writing community is an integral part of the Houston Writers Guild mission. But what does community really mean? How can we create true fellowship that leads to mutual success?  Fellowship can be defined as practicing mutuality — the art of…

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