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Finishing the Never-ending Story

If you’ve been following this blog, do you ever wonder when the heck I’m going to finish my novel? Most people are too polite to ask me. But I nevertheless have the same question every day, with every chapter and scene I write. When? WHEN? I hear about other writers…

How to Help Your Writer Friends

People sometimes ask me what actions they can take to support my writing. I think many writers probably face this discussion now and then. I know this partly because in this blog’s previous incarnation, I wrote about this in a post that became the most popular post I’d ever written…

Five Things That Can Boost Your Creativity

It’s never any fun to sit in front of a blank computer screen, knowing that you’ll never reach your word count goal for the day. But unless you’re a citizen of Ladonia, you probably suffer from uncreative bouts, like me. I have discovered – by necessity, and through years of…

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