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Growing up in California’s Sacramento Valley, Bob Zumwalt moved to Berkeley in the 60s where he discovered a few of the many Californias.
He divides his writing hours between stories reflecting the history of his state, and essays on it’s competing cultures.

From my website

Gold Bugs

  McKinley Campaign Poster 1896 In 1896, Democrat William Jennings Bryan ran for U. S. president against Republican William McKinley. The country was three years into a depression that pitted industrial coasts against ¬†agrarian heartland, old money against wage earners, debtors against creditors. McKinley wore a gold pin during the…

Notes on the More-Newly Arrived

Rail line from Oakland entering California's Livermore Valley In the early morning hours of November 25, 1942, four German prisoners of war bound for a POW camp in California’s interior escaped as their train passed through the Livermore Valley east of San Francisco. These men had hopes of blending in…

Three Californias

East Bay Hills It’s 1898, the eve of the Spanish-American War and a time of explosive immigration to the United States. The Panic of 1892 has rocked the foundations of the Gilded Age and shock waves still roil through a fragile economy. In a welcome diversion, Willie Hearst’s New York…

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