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Valhalla Revealed published!

I'm pleased to announce that Valhalla Revealed was published on April 29,2014. This sequel to Beyond Ultra takes the Hoffman and Ortega families from 1946 to 1979. Paul Hoffman is determined to find his missing brother Hans, but he must first confront the aftermath of the secret Nazi Operation Valhalla. The Cold War…

What else did the Nazis hide?

Yet again, a treasure trove hidden by the Nazis during World War II has been unearthed. In this case it was a massive collection of art: 1,500 pieces including Picassos, Matisses, and more. According to the Telegraph, “At least 200 pieces are thought to be on lists of missing treasures.”…

The Amazing Maria Jose Lopez de Heredia

DATELINE: Rioja, Spain My delve into the history and culture of Spain continued with our trip to Rioja Alta, one of Spain’s great wine making region. It was a personal joy to see the land, because Rioja Alta is the home of my fictional Ortega family whose story intertwines with…

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