Robert Gammon

About me

Born in London, brought-up in Lima (Peru). I went to university in England, earning a Master’s degree at City University of London.

Aged 11, I won a short story competition. But my career wasn’t in writing but in banking and finance in England, Japan and Spain, head of department at a Middle Eastern university and owned an educational business in Spain.

So I had little time for writing. But an Oxford University creative writing programme got me writing full-time.

My study of Peruvian and world history led to my historical thriller, The Titans of the Pacific. The sequel novel, Blessed Assassination, ends with the assassination of President Sánchez-Cerro, across the street from where I lived in Lima.

My novels are based on historical events where I have lived in Latin America, Europe, Far East and Middle East.

I enjoy learning languages and speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and some Arabic.

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