Richard Buxton

About me

I’m am a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing programme at Chichester University having gained a distinction. I have a completed novel set in the US Civil War which I am currently submitting to agents. I also write short stories, many of which are of the same period.

From my website

Union and Disunion - Lessons from Civil War Tennessee

//   As I see it, there are two principal reasons to study the past: for the safe, godlike pleasure derived from immersing yourself in another time, and to learn lessons that might inform us in the present. Particularly in respect of the latter, any representation of the past therefore…

A Time and a Place

// A tutor of mine at Chichester University, where I was studying for a mid-life M.A. in Creative Writing, used to bang on about time: how even the past has a past and we need to feel that depth; how memory isn’t linear in our inner world; how places themselves…

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