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I live in Washington, DC. I blog (mostly) about Shakespeare. My first novel is about a 16th century poet who is framed for treason. My ghost story, “The House Friends,” appears in The Fiction Desk Anthology, New Ghost Stories III.

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The Winter’s Tale: Shakespeare Wronged

Harold Bloom argues that Shakespeare “invented the human.” But the reverse is also true: humans invented Shakespeare. And they have done him wrong. Take, for instance,  how scholars have criticized Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. For decades they concluded that the great playwright made significant blunders in the play. However, it was…

Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 3: Holding a Mirror Up to His Queen (Again)?

Queen Margaret (left), the Amazonian queen in the War of the Roses, reflects Queen Elizabeth (right) in Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays. What inspired Shakespeare to write his plays? We know many of his sources, but it’s largely guesswork as to what motivated his choices. Shakespeare didn’t give interviews. We can…

Shakespeare Safari

Two of the things I most like seeing in Washington, DC are Shakespeare performances at Harman Hall, the Folger Theater, and other venues, and the elephants at the  National Zoo. I’m afraid, however, that the Bard and pachyderms have something else in common. For years I’ve enjoyed reading Shakespeare’s plays…

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