Richard Abbott

About me

I live in London, England and write about the ancient near east. My 2012 debut novel, ‘In a Milk and Honeyed Land’, follows the fortunes of a village seer and priest in the hill country of Canaan. The plot stays almost entirely within his home town of Kephrath, tracing the struggles and triumphs he faces in unsettled times.

‘Scenes from a Life’ picks up the story some ten years later. This novel opens in Egypt and travels north along the Nile.

‘The Flame Before Us’ relates how four different groups cope with one of the worst calamities to strike the ancient world: the collapse of settled city culture as new warlike groups arrive in the region.

I also write science fiction, for those interested in that genre.

Outside of writing, I work in IT on technical quality assurance. When not writing words or computer code, I enjoy spending time with family, walking, and wildlife, ideally combining all three of those interests at the same time in the English Lake District.

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