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When I was 12, I told my mother I wanted to be a novelist when I grew up, to which she replied that I should find a “real job” in the meantime. Twenty-some-odd years later, after pursuing graduate degrees in science and business, I eventually returned to writing when I became a mom.

I have managed my own freelance writing company for the biotech industry for several years now and have published many manuscripts in peer-reviewed medical journals, as well as several industry articles.

Now, I’m revisiting fiction – trying to weave together my interest in writing with my lifelong loves of history and reading. My all-time favorite author has to be Jane Austen, but I currently enjoy Diana Gabaldon, Phillipa Gregory, Alison Weir, and countless others.

From my website

Book review: “The Railwayman’s Wife” by Ashley Hay

This review originally appeared in the Historical Novels Review and can be found online here. Anikka (Ani) Lachlan is the title character in this novel, which is set after World War II in Thirroul, a coastal town outside of Sydney, Australia. When her husband, Mac, dies in a railroad accident, her grief…

Book review: “Secrets of a Soprano” by Miranda Neville

“La Davina”, opera singer Teresa Foscari, comes to London to perform in the opera house and take a closer look into her English family tree. Teresa has quite a reputation for scandalous liaisons with the wealthy and powerful and a penchant for breaking china. Very few know, however, that the gossip…

Book review: “The Other Me” by S. Sarginson

We meet Klaudia, a previously homeschooled high schooler who now must fit into the very place where her German father works as a janitor. Sheltered, shy, and horribly bullied by many who call her father a Nazi, Klaudia struggles to find her own identity and eventually sheds her name and life…

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