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When accurately researched and excitingly written, historical fiction is the most delightful way I’ve found to learn about the past. My passion for it began in early childhood with fairy tales. As a teen, I found the same joy in reading history, both fiction and non-fiction. By chance or fate I homed in on medieval Rus’: in high school I was assigned to learn Russian instead of German, which led to an honors university degree in Russian history. Writing educational materials used widely in California high school history classes, and later, writing and illustrating award winning histories for children, I made my love of history into a career. And, of course, I kept reading H F! My love for medieval Rus’ finally bore fruit with a historical trilogy: The Tiger and the Dove. My latest work is again for children: The Sweeper, set during the time of the Buddha. And my latest novel, in progress, is set in 6th century Europe.

From my website

A Love Worth Waiting For?

One of the central themes of my historical trilogy, set in the turbulent 13th century, is love. Those who have read the first two in the series, The Grip of God and Solomon’s Bride, know that in the first volume its heroine, Sofia, was captured and enslaved by a Mongol…

Finding Her Way in Dark Times

So much has changed in our world since the thirteenth century, from our values to our sophisticated technology, including mass communications, to the fact that there are billions more people on Earth. A woman visiting us from that time would be lost in amazement. But there is also much that…

Interview from Unusual Historicals

The following is an interview from my virtual book tour at Unusual Historicals. Q: For those who are unfamiliar with your trilogy, can you give us a brief overview of it? A: Yes, it’s set in the turbulent 13th century, which saw the massive Mongol invasions, the last desperate Crusades,…

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