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My passion for history actually began with fairy tales. By chance of fate, in high school I was assigned to learn Russian instead of German, which led to a fascination with medieval Kyiv/Kiev. So at university, I took every history course available and graduated from the University of California with honours in Russian and Modern Chinese history. One thing led to another, and I was combining all my interests–art, history, and education–as a writer of educational materials that were used widely in California high schools. A few years later, with marriage and kids part of the picture, I began writing and illustrating nonfiction historical biographies for children. They won awards, were distributed by Scholastic and Mercy Corps, and some were published in Greece and Korea. But my early passion for Kyivan history resurfaced in the form of a historical trilogy: The Tiger and the Dove, set during the Mongol invasions. Books one and two are now available, and the third is out in August!

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If you’re a woman reading this, do you see yourself as savvy, independent, and self-reliant? That’s the modern image of womanhood, but not so long ago the image of the ideal woman centered around home and hearth, not on independence of any sort. Even where women could vote (in one…

The Voices of the Past

One of the big challenges of writing historical fiction is finding the right voice. No one wants to read something that sounds like the medieval English of The Canterbury Tales; we couldn’t understand it for starters! But if a story is written in language that’s too modern, it’s jarring. You…

Unsung Heroines

We often hear the term unsung heroes, but how about heroines? Too often, women were stereotyped as being non-historical and tied to hearth, home and childbearing, all of no historical importance. The best that was said of them was that they were the glue of society, holding together the culture,…

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