Raymond Ruble

About me

Raymond Ruble is a retired professor of philosophy. After teaching for forty-two years at Appalachian State University, he turns his attention from telling stories in class to telling them elsewhere. He is the author of the Nothos series, novels which span the classical age of Greece from 506BCE to 330BCE, depicting the stories and struggles of two ancient families–that of the famous Athenian Socrates and the obscure Persian Anaxagoras, the thinker behind Pericles. The series opens with Dromos, the (506-490BCE)story of the founders of both families, the Athenian democratic reforms, Athens’ foolish invasion of Lydia, Persia’s counter-invasion of Greece, and the famous battle of Marathon. Pais, the next book of the series, depicts Anaxagoras’ experiences in the Battle of Thermopylae, the destruction of Athens, and the death of Socrates’ grandfather Antenor. He is currently working on book three of the series–Divine Salamis, the story of the destruction of the Persian navy.

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