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Raven Delaval is a writer of historical fiction and historical fantasy. Her current ms, Tartarus & Ivy, is about the myths of Persephone and the founding of the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece. She is also a jewelry and costume designer for tribal fusion belly dance, which is its own form of historical fiction. Her company is The Merry Maenad.

From my website

Velvet choker necklace with rhinestones, brass chains, and bells. OOAK Women's jewelry. by MerryMaenad

50.00 USDThe Daphni is a variation on Merry Maenad's popular choker "Rue Chartres." The base is a vintage green ribbon from my grandma's sewing stash. There are beautiful rhinestone beads in pale green and clear that flank a central large clear rhinestone. Brass chains hang below with brass bells and…

Brown Stripe Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Bra size 34-36 B. OOAK handmade costume. by MerryMaenad

175.00 USDHand sewn belly dance bra top. Fits 34"-36" bust (81-91.5cm), B cup.Lined molded cups are covered with chocolate and white stripe satin, turquoise and gold metallic ribbon, and vintage orange velvet ribbon. Gold chains drape beneath the cups and hang a full 9" from a green shell disk in…

Tribal Belly Dance Bracelet. OOAK Brass Ethnic Jewelry with Fringe, Buttons & Chain by MerryMaenad

27.00 USDBrass bracelet with golden fringe on brass knotwork buttons, with chain drapes and key pendant. that move beautifully when you belly dance. I wear this just above my elbow, but it also works worn just below the elbow, or simply as a bangle above several others. Fits a circumference…

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