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Raven Delaval is a writer of historical fiction and historical fantasy. Her current ms, Tartarus & Ivy, is about the myths of Persephone and the founding of the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece. She is also a jewelry and costume designer for tribal fusion belly dance, which is its own form of historical fiction. Her company is The Merry Maenad.

From my website

Bell Tassel Tribal Fusion necklace. Belly Dance ethnic jewelry or forehead drape. OOAK by MerryMaenad

60.00 USDThis bell tribal necklace would also make a great forehead drape or hip drape on a belly dancing costume. Makes a lovely sound. Necklace is 15" (38cm) long, but I will gladly add an extension of silver chain (up to 2" / 5cm) at no extra charge to make…

Turkoman tribal fusion belly dance belt in black, white, turquoise and red. OOAK by MerryMaenad

225.00 USDScalloped edge tribal fusion belly dancing belt is covered with stripes in off-white and black. Turquoise teardrop beads and shiny Turkoman buttons combine with Kuchi arrowhead pendants with red stones, and heavy Turkoman pendants with red stones and dangles, and even a couple diamond shaped coins. Each pendant is…

Tribal belly dancing bra - Rose Red - size 34-36 B. Tribal fusion belly dancing costume. OOAK by MerryMaenad

150.00 USDRose Red tribal fusion belly dancing bra, size 34-36 BI love the color of this satin. It's a true rose red, set off by embroidered ribbon in black, white, red, and green. The rhinestone and silver beads, bright Turkoman buttons and waziri buttons give a little movement for belly…

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