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R.C. Durkee is a writer and professional artist who blends her love of history, nature and rural life into her creative projects.
The sixth generation to have lived on the family’s 180 year old farm, she has raised draft ponies, sheep, cows and crops. Living on a generational farm ripe with history sparked her interest in early American history, historical places, century barns, and Civil War sites. Stories handed down have found their way into her essays, short stories and now novels. She loves the outdoors, nature, gardening and farming and enjoys reading historical non-fiction.

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I have taken June and July off from promoting my book to continue research on my next novel. I say "continue" because I have researched its subject off and on for thirty plus years. It is a story where details are very important and need to be accurate. The storyline…

Good Vibrations

June has been an encouraging month. Readers have contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed my story and some have been moved to write reviews or book me for talk. My publisher forwarded a very nice e-mailed to me sent to him by the head of an area boat building…

Inland Seas Review

     Dr. Justice of BGSU Firelands gave RUM RUN a fantastic review in the Great Lakes Historical Society's publication, INLAND SEAS. I am very humbled by the review. Since a child, I have had a fascination with our Great Lakes. As a teenager, the sinking of the ore freighter, "Edmund…

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