R. C. Durkee

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R.C. Durkee is a writer and professional artist who blends her love of history, nature and rural life into her creative projects.
The sixth generation to have lived on the family’s 180 year old farm, she has raised draft ponies, sheep, cows and crops. Living on a generational farm ripe with history sparked her interest in early American history, historical places, century barns, and Civil War sites. Stories handed down have found their way into her essays, short stories and now novels. She loves the outdoors, nature, gardening and farming and enjoys reading historical non-fiction.

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Books & Brunch

Wonderful time at the Friends of Keystone-LaGrange Community Library's BOOKS & BRUNCH on Saturday, April 16th. The Friends put on a fantastic event and I applaud them. Nice setup, great food and an emcee that was funny. I had a blast being one of four featured authors. The book-loving crowd…

Bay Village Book Club

On Monday, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at a Bay Village book club. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting host, Barbara and the club members. A couple of them are Lake Erie boaters. They are an enthusiastic and fun group. They asked first-rate questions about Prohibition, Lake Erie vineyards and…

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