R. C. Durkee

About me

R.C. Durkee is a writer and professional artist who blends her love of history, nature and rural life into her creative projects.
The sixth generation to have lived on the family’s 180 year old farm, she has raised draft ponies, sheep, cows and crops. Living on a generational farm ripe with history sparked her interest in early American history, historical places, century barns, and Civil War sites. Stories handed down have found their way into her essays, short stories and now novels. She loves the outdoors, nature, gardening and farming and enjoys reading historical non-fiction.

From my website

Huron Boat Show

When I took a break from my booth to walk around the docks at the All CLassics Festival in Huron, I was pleasantly shocked and excited to see my book on a number of boats' dashboards and seating areas. Wow. Thank you not just for buying RUM RUN but for…


As always, a great time here only this time I had a booth for selling & signing RUM RUN and was a program┬ásponsor. I was (and am) blown away by the response to my story and the number of people who came to my booth to meet me and tell…

Program at Huron Library

I had a wonderful time meeting and talking with those who attended my program at Huron Public Library. I got to meet two of my followers, Ed & Nancy who have written reviews for which I am very grateful. Great questions asked at the Q & A following, and some…

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