PJ Royal

About me

I am a historical fiction writer based in the Florida Keys, and have just completed Killing the Bee King,a novel set in Paris and London in 1803. I am currently conducting research for my next book which will be set on the west coast of America in the mid-nineteenth century. I have insatiable appetite for good books and enjoy musing on the craft and vagaries of the writing profession. (http://pjroyal.blogspot.com) I have degrees in history and archaeology and my personal imperative has been to write fiction saturated by authentic historical detail, and to do so within a character-driven plot line that is suspenseful and exciting. In this regard I am hoping to appeal to readers of political thrillers and suspense as well as those of historical fiction. I love to converse about books and writing, and read everything from history, botany, biology, science, and of course literature.

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