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About me

My first novel was published this year(2014) on Amazon. ‘Cry for me Argentina’ was inspired by a true story.It covers two World Wars.In 1918 Sybil escapes to live with a new family. She travels to Switzerland and Argentina where she meets and falls in love with William.There is adventure,romance and sadness. The arrival of an official letter turns her life upside down with hidden secrets and ultimate betrayal.
Earlier writing:’The Field Spaniel Anecdotes and Observations’ published 2003. ‘The Field Spaniel Book of Champions 1980-1993’. I have three projects going at the moment: ‘Field Spaniel Tales and Other Stories’. My second novel: ‘Home to Haiti’that begins just after the earthquake and goes back in time to the first black republic.

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Time to clear the table in the conservatory. Start with the sunflowers by hanging them up to dry.  Food for the birds and squirrels.

Fed up!

Visitors coming next week. I have to keep my ears clean. People don’t like having my dinner on their trousers or skirt. Hard to understand because I offer to lick it off after! Madge, Mungo and Merlin are little angels. They don’t have to wear hats!

Are you inspired by Nature?

These mushrooms or fungi in my garden are an inspiration to Writers in several ways:   1. Can encourage a Writer to research the subject by trying to identify the mushroom – I found this difficult to do because there were so many the same colour and shape. You maybe…

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