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Writer and reader of alternate history, historical fantasy, and historical fiction.

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Behind Every Good Man

I’ve been supported and inspired by a lot of people on my journey into both being and becoming: my wife, my son, my fellow writers, “thought leaders,” and so on. From time to time, I’ve acknowledged many of you, though likely not often enough. But there’s one person that deserves…

Fiona Unnoticed

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Constellations appeared in the pockmarked material. A faint hum from the central air system vibrated along the t-bars. Seven minutes. For seven minutes, she stared at the drop ceiling, waiting quietly for six-foot-four Samuel to step away from the copy machine. He was clearly done, yet there he…

Done Right By You

Courtesy of Rob Lee on Flickr – Burl Langston leaned against the cedar post. Behind him, a few longhorns mulled about. On the other side of the fence, clouds of dust hung over the plains like soiled cotton as countless shorthorns spilled onto a patch of alfalfa. Burl’s toothpick…

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