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Writer and reader of alternate history, historical fantasy, and historical fiction.

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We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

“I got your six. Go ahead.” The Old Man is a good partner, but taking point requires chutzpah. Someone whose only fear is timidity. Someone that others on the task force might call a live wire. When it comes to fighting ghosts, I’m courage personified. This time, the portal is…

Something from Nothing

As he walked past the ruins, the prospect of building a new cathedral suddenly seemed daunting: all that stone, all that timber, all those craftsmen, all those years. He would have to control it all, make sure there was a steady supply of materials, monitor the quality of timber and stone,…

Glad to Be Home

Lovely weather we’re having, eh Grim Reaper? In the shade, folks… In. The. Shade. Happy Sunday to you! -Phillip

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