Phillip C. Wright

About me

Phillip C. Wright is an award winning writer, producer and director of various television and radio productions. He has won the coveted Silver Telly Award for television productions and six Silver Microphone Awards for radio advertising. He has also written a full length musical called First Light, with Brett Raymond. He has written many short stories and has recently published his first novel, Not Without Mercy The Black Death, book one in the Not Without Mercy Series.

From my website

I recently finished Bill O’Reilly’s new book, Killing England.

I love history, especially when it is not fused with revisionist opinions and hogwash. I have always been fascinated with American history regarding the founding of America and the battles that ensued. Although, I learned much about America’s history in school, the school history books never spend enough time on…

Why I write historical fiction

I have had many of my readers ask why I write historical fiction, and not just history books.  This is a great question.  I love history, but like many, I sometimes read history books that tend to bog down my mind with too many details that keep me from enjoying…

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