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Petrea Burchard began her acting career on the Chicago stage, later moving to Los Angeles to work in television, film and voice-over. She’s known as the original English voice of Ryoko, the sexy space pirate in the anime classic, Tenchi Muyo!.

Auditions, jobs and the people she met in Hollywood (famous and infamous) became fodder for her popular Act As If humor column at She also drew on her acting experience to write her first novel. During a summer Shakespeare course at Oxford, she fell in love with the English countryside and the idea for Camelot & Vine began to take shape.

Other published works include articles, short fiction and essays. Petrea lives with her husband in southern California.

From my website

Dark Arts

Our family friend is in medical school. He let it slip that there's a med school course—two courses, in fact—in Non-Treatment 101 and 102. It's is a well kept secret, like Dark Arts classes at Hogwarts.As you will guess, these classes are inhumanities electives. Very popular.Non-Treatment 101 teaches doctors how…

No Solicitors

dramatic re-enactmentA knock on the door. John answers.John: Hi, what's up?Solicitor: Hello sir, can you help us out? We're selling, um...The solicitor stops speaking. There is a brief pause.John: Not now. We're having a physical therapy session.Solicitor: Oh. Oh! Right! Okay! Bye!Little feetsies hurry away.I guess you had to be there.Note to…

Now I Am Five

I have been living with my humans for a year now. They made today my birthday. I didn't tell them different because I don't know. So now I am five.I get two meals and two walks every day, and I get a treat each time the humans have their meal.…

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