Peggi Lennard

About me

I love writing, reading and all things to do with red wine! The Crying of The Children is my first novel. History was not my greatest love at school – in fact I hated it. But, thanks to browsing and some amazing sites, I began to delve into the social history of 19th century England. With its poverty, child labour, baby farmers and laws to keep the working man down, I was as angry as I was fascinated. I felt for those whose lot it was to be born to that time.
I may be slightly loopy – and why not – but these people began to take shape in my mind. I knew them and I wanted to tell their story. So with lots of research (Spartacus – an amazing site) reading and a mountain of notes, the story began to take shape. But I wanted to do more than just write a story, I wanted to give my characters a say, a voice that so many didn’t have.
I must have done something right because now I am being asked if there is a sequel. There is. I’m working on it.

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