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Paulette Mahurin is a Nurse Practitioner turned author. While in College she wrote two award winning non-fiction short stories. She recently published her first fiction novel, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, which takes place after the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde and focuses on the intolerance his prison sentence has on a small Nevada ranching town,in particular a lesbian couple. Historical references are brought in to fuel the hatred; the Dreyfus Affair, that divided France, Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta Address, and expansion of the Monroe Doctrine into South America. Profits from sales go to the first-no kill animal shelter in Ventura County, California, where she lives with her husband, Terry, and their two rescue dogs, Max & Bella.

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 I’m thrilled to receive this review and recognition from the Reader’s Favorite site. Great way to start the day: To Live Out Loud A Novel by Paulette Mahurin Fiction – Historical – Personage 172 Pages Reviewed on 03/21/201 Book Review Reviewed by Raanan Geberer for Readers’ Favorite To Live…

Books help dogs get out of kill shelters

I’m grateful that my books continue to sell and that readers take the time to write reviews, which further helps to promote them. All profits from all my books go to help dogs, like those featured below, to get out of kill shelters and land safely with rescues, foster homes,…

His Name Was Ben by Paulette Mahurin

‘If you take in to account that the profit from her books goes to help rescue dogs it has to get an extra few thumbs up!’ Source: His Name Was Ben by Paulette Mahurin

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