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Paul Levinson, PhD, is Professor of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University in NYC. His nonfiction books, including The Soft Edge (1997), Digital McLuhan (1999), Realspace (2003), Cellphone (2004), and New New Media (2009; 2nd edition, 2012), have been translated into ten languages. His science fiction novels include The Silk Code (winner of Locus Award for Best First Science Fiction Novel of 1999, author’s cut ebook 2012), Borrowed Tides (2001), The Consciousness Plague (2002), The Pixel Eye (2003), The Plot To Save Socrates (2006, 2012), and Unburning Alexandria (2013) – the last two of which are historical as well as science fiction. He appears on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and numerous TV and radio programs. His 1972 LP, Twice Upon a Rhyme, was re-issued in 2010. He reviews television in his blog, and was listed in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Top 10 Academic Twitterers” in 2009.

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Designated Survivor 1.9: Hacked

A good Designated Survivor 1.9 this week, even though little progress was made on the most important question - who blew up the  Capitol Building? - until the very end of the episode, when we discovered what we already knew:  some kind of home-grown operation.But the danger de jour was…

Frequency 1.9: The Wife and the Fiancee

A good night for the Sullivans, father and daughter, on Frequency 1.9 on Wednesday night.Both end up in bed with the people they love - Frank with his estranged wife (Raimy's mother), Raimy with her fiancee from the alternate reality in which Frank died, but was changed because Raimy helped…

Vikings 4.12: Two Expeditions

Another excellent episode of Vikings - 4.12 - on Wednesday night, featuring the launching of two very different expeditions to the world beyond Scandinavia.Bjorn and another one of Ragnar's grown sons are taking Floki's best ships to the Mediterranean. Ragnar and Ivar the Boneless are going to Wessex to avenge…

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