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A novelist in search of an agent. I was awarded a PhD by the Shakespeare Institute and have spent the last twelve years teaching in an inner-city comprehensive. I’m currently working on a series of novels set between the end of Elizabeth’s reign and the English Civil War, which follows a historical figure who straddled the worlds of theatre and politics, and who seems to have known every poet, courtier and zealot of the era.

I’m heartened by the trend for ambitious novels with Early Modern settings, such as Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell novels, Andrew Miller’s PURE, and Kate Worsley’s debut, SHE RISES. I also enjoy stylish genre pieces such as SG Maclean’s Alexander Seaton series. Outside my chosen era, I enjoy the canny, fully-realised Roman novels of MC Scott and Ben Kane.

My story ‘The Doll and His Maker’ was included in MX Publishing’s SHERLOCK’S HOME: THE EMPTY HOUSE. I was short-listed for the 2012 Bridport Poetry Prize and long-listed for the 2013 Fish Poetry Prize

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