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I write history and not-quite-historical fiction. My official focus is on the British empire in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, but I really interested in any time and place where two cultures meet and change each other.

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Comment on The Book Thieves by pamela

Glad you’re enjoying it. I love hooking people up with good books.

Comment on The Book Thieves by Joy McGinniss

Pam, I am about a third of the way through this book and as soon as I can, I must purchase it for the “Holocaust” section of my home library (am reading our local library’s copy). I have been studying and reading about the Holocaust since I was in middle…

Comment on Swearing Allegiance by Iris Seefeldt

I have a vague recollection about making an oath. When I was 15, in 1952. I received my citizenship papers along with my Sister and Mom who met a GI in Germany and became our Stepdad.Even before that in 1952, waiting for our entry papers we lived outside of Detroit…

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