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I write history and not-quite-historical fiction. My official focus is on the British empire in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, but I really interested in any time and place where two cultures meet and change each other.

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And we have a winner!

As usual, a book drawing here on the Margins brought out interesting answers, including memories of earlier trips to Iceland and an introduction to the breathtaking photography of Jamie Young, which makes my efforts look like a toddler’s scribbles.*  As usual, I’m glad we pick a winner in a totally…

Independence Lost:

Those of you who’ve been hanging out in the Margins for a while now know there are some types of history books that can be counted on to make me say “I want to read this”: Books that tell a story we think we know from a radically different persepctive…

In which I give away a copy of Song of the Vikings

Over the last few weeks, the topic of Nancy Marie Brown’s Song of the Vikings has come up once or twice here on the Margins. (Okay, more than once or twice.) Some of you may have broken down and bought a copy. For those of you who haven’t, I am…

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