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I’m the author of thirteen published novels, eight of which are historical, set in the seventeenth century and also in the reign of Richard III. History and historical fiction are my passions, and at the moment I’m researching Anglo-Saxon England, particularly around Alfred the Great and his heirs. I live in Wiltshire and as well as writing, I’m interested in art, archaeology, nature and the countryside, gardening, film and TV, current affairs and of course my two Burmese cats. I’m a voracious reader of historical fiction, and my favourite authors include Dorothy Dunnett, Patrick O’Brian, Mary Renault, Rosemary Sutcliff, Lindsey Davis, Hilary Mantel and Jude Morgan.

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Jenna reached her first.  "Flora!  Flora, it's all right, it's me, you're safe now."                 Sammy, wild with excitement at having found his quarry, rushed around them, his tail revolving like a windmill in a hurricane, and uttering sharp, infuriating barks.  Ignoring him, Jenna knelt on the ground beside the…


I knew, when I married my second husband, that most likely I would outlive him.  I was, of course, nearly thirty years his junior, and in the natural order of things he would die before me, though he was fit, hale and hearty, with the energy of a man half…


"I've checked everywhere," Fran said.  "Cupboards, sheds, wardrobes, under the beds, the loft, the garage, my car, the garden - everywhere.  And she's not here."                 He looked awful, white-faced and haggard, and his hair was wild.  Jenna no longer cared what Rosie might think: she gave him a prolonged…

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