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About me

I’m the author of thirteen published novels, eight of which are historical, set in the seventeenth century and also in the reign of Richard III. History and historical fiction are my passions, and at the moment I’m researching Anglo-Saxon England, particularly around Alfred the Great and his heirs. I live in Wiltshire and as well as writing, I’m interested in art, archaeology, nature and the countryside, gardening, film and TV, current affairs and of course my two Burmese cats. I’m a voracious reader of historical fiction, and my favourite authors include Dorothy Dunnett, Patrick O’Brian, Mary Renault, Rosemary Sutcliff, Lindsey Davis, Hilary Mantel and Jude Morgan.

From my website


Well, Jenna reflected, gazing at the mute and mutinous child in front of her, she couldn’t say she hadn’t been warned.                 Half term was over, and Krystal had returned Flora to her father, before jetting back to California and her TV show.  On Tuesday evening, the day before the…


If some oracle or soothsayer had told me, when my beloved Tom died so suddenly and so young, that one day I would be happy to wed again, I would not have believed them.  Yet here I am, in my finest gown, the silver grey silk with an underskirt of…


“What?”  Rosie’s voice went up into a childish squeak, as it often still did when she was excited or astonished.  “You mean your Dad isn’tdead?”                 “No, he’s not.”                   “But I thought ...”  Her daughter’s voice trailed away as the implications began to sink in.  “But I thought…

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