Ozgur K. Sahin

About me

I have been a writer since I was 18 years old, and have always been interested in all forms of discovery, whether internal or external, scientific, idealistic, or psychological. When I realized how little of an astrophysicist’s time is spent on discovery, and how funding-dependent that is, I dropped my formal studies and focused on exploration through writing, meditation, and independent study of history, the sciences, and consciousness itself.

My first book, The Wrath of Brotherhood, is the first in a short series of historical novels set in the Restoration-era Caribbean colonies, and the second edition of this will be uploaded to Amazon and other booksellers (eBook only) on Jan 1, 2014.

From my website

OSFest Tsunami

I had a good time at OSFest in Omaha, Nebraska.  The convention was smaller than I anticipated, so profit was virtually out of the question since I stayed in the hotel.  But I made the most of the situation and broke even, as well as making several new contacts and…

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