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I worked for 20 years in writing and publishing in Dublin, as journalist, editor, novelist, creative writing lecturer and literary agent.
In 2009, I moved to London and found, as Proust said of Venice, that “my dream had become… quite simply, my address”. (Though the dream does includes a sojourn to the sunnier climes of California each winter.)

I used to be published by Penguin but am now an indie author. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted enormously from that switch and it led me to found The Alliance of Independent Authors, which I now run.

From my website

Creative Publishing: Highlights from the Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Advice Blog

Every Tuesday, I bring you the Self-Publishing Advice Blog highlights of the past seven days. This week, our intrepid news editor, Dan Holloway’s, news round-up begins by congratulating Kathleen Jowitt on being the first indie author to win the Betty Trask Award. (Huge well done Kathleen!) He also includes the latest Smashwords survey, Elsevier…

Creative Living: Create Date with Artist Keith Tyson

For this week’s create date, I took a last day with Keith Tyson, 2002 Turner Prize Winner, at Jerwood Gallery’s Turn Back Now exhibition, before it left Hastings. Tyson is an unassuming Northerner with a beard and specs, who uses the universe as his muse, creating art in almost every form, from painting…

Creative Publishing: Digital Book Marketing for Orna Ross: Improving Your Book Description

A weekly column by digital book marketer, Caoimhe O’Brien. Last week, I spoke about blurbs, also known as book descriptions, and the importance of utilizing their full potential. I posted the original blurb for Orna’s book After the Rising and explained that we were going to improve it, using the…

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