Orna Ross

About me

I worked for 20 years in writing and publishing in Dublin, as journalist, editor, novelist, creative writing lecturer and literary agent.
In 2009, I moved to London and found, as Proust said of Venice, that “my dream had become… quite simply, my address”. (Though the dream does includes a sojourn to the sunnier climes of California each winter.)

I used to be published by Penguin but am now an indie author. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted enormously from that switch and it led me to found The Alliance of Independent Authors, which I now run.

From my website

Haiku on Instagram

It’s my daily hobby to play with a form of poetry called haiku, as a way of fostering creative presence in the moment. And lately I’ve started posting them on Instagram with a photograph of that moment. Haiku is an act of transcription. Here are a few recent ones: Park…

ALLi Members Self Publishing Q&A June 2016

Each month Joanna Penn and I host a self-publishing Q&A live on Google Hangout, which is also available afterwards as a YouTube video and iTunes podcast. This month people want to know … How to go about the logistics of selling in different markets Splitting stories into self-contained series Paid-for…

Why I Love Pride

I marched with London Pride yesterday. It seemed necessary, after Orlando and Brexit. I love how the LGBT+ community stands up for the basic human rights it has had to insist on, still has to insist on. That they don’t do it with a war, a fight, or even an argument — but with a party.…

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