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About me

I split my time between two distinctively different kinds of writing.

During the day, I manage Keylocke Services, copywriting and marketing consultant firm. With over 18 years of experience in professional writing and marketing, I help small businesses and creative artists present a professional image online and off.

In the dark of night, I write fiction. I have completed five novels and countless short stories. My writing can best be described as Midwestern Dysfunction, often with a supernatural twist and scenes set in the past.

I also speaking regularly on editing, marketing and the writing process.

From my website

Twelve Days of Christmas for Authors

I am a huge advocate of writers. They are my heroes and rescuers, crafting worlds I can get lost in and telling stories which sooth the soul. This Christmas consider the Twelve Days of Christmas for Authors. There are 12 simple ways you can help a published writer keep writing…

The Care and Feeding of Viral Posts

We live in the age of viral posts, where everyday an under-the-radar blogger publishes a heart-felt post about {insert buzzword here} and suddenly find herself on morning talk shows, defending her view to a panel of experts. The author of the viral post is lifted high with “atta-girls,” a flurry…

Ode to a Breeze

Is there anything more intoxicating than a breeze? Its insistent caress at your neck invites you to breathe in the whispers of birdsong, leaf rustle, and change. A breeze is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for the beauty-starved soul.  ~ Nicole Amsler The post Ode to a Breeze appeared first on Nicole Amsler.

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