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Nicky Penttila writes regency-set historical novels set in England and Spain.

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On the anniversary of Peterloo, a free read

Engraving by Richard Carlile. A protest march in 2009 inspired me to find stories of protest with women participants from earlier days. For my novel An Untitled Lady, I settled on events during the summer of 1819 leading into the Peterloo massacre, on 16 August, for many reasons. It’s well-known,…

A response to Peterloo: Shelly’s The Masque of Anarchy

published by Edward Moxon, first edition, 1832 Reporting and personal correspondence about the events of 16th August 1819 in Manchester led Percy Bysshe Shelley to write the poem “The Masque of Anarchy,” which some have called “the greatest political poem ever written in English” (from Holmes, 2003). In his book An…

2017 goals

Do a little exercise every day – aerobic/weight as well as stretching Write a dozen short stories based on notes from The Campaigners (starring Portugal, below) Finish Campaigners second draft to the point that first beta-reader can read it Practice better listening Practice active citizenship The post 2017 goals appeared…

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