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Nicky Penttila writes regency-set historical novels set in England and Spain.

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Remembering the Battle of Corunna

Statue of Sir John Moore in San Carlos Garden at A Coruña. Photos by me. In 1808, Britain sent an army to the coastal town of La Coruña (A Coruña in Galician) with orders to march toward Madrid and, joining with British forces coming up from Portugal and Spanish on the…

A Cold Christmas Story, 1808

I’ve posted an excerpt from The Spanish Patriot that takes place on Christmas Eve, though few in the story know that is the date. It doesn’t exactly radiate the traditional “holiday spirit,” but if you need something a little sharp between all the season’s sweets, have at it. It’s on Wattpad, and should…

Research for Writing: Stories of Women

1800-10 White muslin dress; brocaded silk with gold cord chain stitch and  silk satin ribbon. Diamond ribbon decoration is similar to the dress of the Countess of Chinchon in a portrait by Francisco de Goya in 1800. Source: Museo del Traje; see dress alone One of the delights of writing about the Regency, especially…

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