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Nicky Penttila writes regency-set historical novels set in England and Spain.

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Road to Corunna: American Loyalists

United Empire Loyalist monument, unveiled on Empire Day, 23 May 1929, at Prince’s Square on Main Street East in Hamilton, Ontario. Source Saforrest (see words from memorial below) One of the strong influences on my novel The Spanish Patriot was learning about the American colonists who did not wish to separate from…

Prelude to Corunna: Campfollowers

Detail from ‘Soldiers Cooking,’ 1798. Source: National Army Museum In Lisbon in October 1808, British General John Moore knew he was getting a late start on marching over mountainous country to assist the Spanish armies against Napoleon. Many roads could not support artillery trains, not nearly enough wagons could be found,…

Prelude to Corunna: The trouble with Cintra

The Palace of Queluz, where the Convention of Cintra was signed in 1808. Source: Quinok/Wikimedia Commons What happened at Cintra? The soldiers and civilians in my novel The Spanish Patriot don’t even wish to speak of it, and rightly so, especially in mixed (nationality) company. Cintra (Sintra) is a town…

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