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I’m a dyed-in-the-wool amateur historian/archaeologist, liable to be found any dry day field-walking or metal detecting, and on wet days, in an archive.
Reading a field like a book, line by line, century by century, gives me a deep feeling for the settings for my stories and novels. Taking a dry, partial framework for someone’s life from the archive and trying to animate it with context, meaning, and purpose fills me with pleasure.

From my website

Paul Bennet reviews Sheriff & Priest

Many thanks to Paul Bennett for this fabulous review! Historical Fiction reviews It’s been nigh on 90 years since the Normans came to stay and to rule, and it was a tough time to grow up a Saxon.  Wimer, though is made of stern stuff and survives the second class…

Advent Calendar of Medieval Religious Institutions December 6th: Lanercost Priory

I have a huge soft spot for Lanercost Priory; my house is named after it! And I didn’t know it was Augustinian – Wimer’s order! Thanks to Historical Ragbag for a very interesting read. Historical Ragbag Lanercost Priory was founded in 1169. It was home to a group of Augustinian…

Author Event – 12th December, East Bergholt

I had a number of people say that they were sorry to miss out on the launch event for Sheriff and Priest – so I thought I’d do it again! This time the lovely people at Old Hall in East Bergholt will be hosting the event; put 12th December, 7:30…

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