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I’ve been working on a project concerning the clash of philosophy, religion and culture between Rome and the Middle East in the last century BC for about 16 years now. I’ve just completed the first novel of what is to be a trilogy, called The Lost Legion, published by Endeavour on Kindle. Now working on the second novel.

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Post Brexit Telly

Apparently the success of both the Brexit campaign and Donald Trump are due to ordinary people expressing dissatisfaction with the ‘establishment’ and its conventions.  So where’s it all going to lead? Where else have the population successfully challenged the iron hand of the regime?  Is this the West’s ‘Arab Spring’?…

Fifty Years on the Front Line

I was half watching Panorama the other day – you know how it is: ‘what’s on dear?’ ‘nothing much.’ TV goes on and you play with your phone – I guess about fifteen minutes in I stopped playing with my phone, enthralled by the story. The program covered the major…

The Lost Legion

Well here it is at last! ‘The Lost Legion’ is now available on Amazon: It’s set in ancient Roman times and is about one of the least known but most dramatic wars of the period – the Mithradatic campaign in the Middle East. Have a look, buy it (only £2.99)…

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