Nela Leja

About me

After working in a range of jobs, from federal civil servant to freelance sign-painter and muralist, plus big rig driver all over North America, Nela Leja retired to a mountain resort village in British Columbia to write and enjoy the scenery — or maybe it was the other way around. Her short story, “The Lady and the Black Ox” won honourable mention in the 2015 Cedric Literary Awards, and her column “A Day in an Animal’s Life” appeared for two years in the on-line magazine, The Medieval Chronicle. A member of, locally, the Agassiz re-Writers Circle and, internationally, Historical Novel Society, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and, recently, a statement of accomplishment in “Writing in the Sciences” from Stanford University. Before her knees gave out, she used to volunteer at a horse rescue society.
Her surname is pronounced like Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies and her first name rhymes with Stella.

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