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Nancy Blanton writes award-winning novels based primarily in Irish history. The Prince of Glencurragh, her second novel, occurs in 1634 amid tensions building toward the great 1641 rebellion. Her first novel, Sharavogue, is set in Ireland and the West Indies during the time of Oliver Cromwell. Both books have won literary awards. Her non-fiction book, Brand Yourself Royally in 8 Simple Steps, also an award winner, and is a valuable guide for authors, artists, and business consultants. Her blog, My Lady’s Closet, focuses on writing, books, historical fiction, research and travel. Ms. Blanton has worked as a journalist, magazine editor, corporate communications leader and brand manager. She also has won numerous awards for professional leadership and public relations products. She lives in Florida.

From my website

Romeo Butler & Juliet Preston

A match made in Ireland Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet finds a happy ending in the 17th century story of James Butler and Elizabeth Preston. These two members of feuding Anglo-Irish families were actually cousins, and made an unlikely couple until events shifted, ultimately allowing a marriage of choice…

Do indie authors need mission statements?

As an independent author, you might think, “Hey, I write books. That’s my mission. Why do I need a statement about it?” But I’m here to tell you, if you are serious about your products, you might want to be equally as serious about your personal brand that represents them.…

Royal Branding – King Charles II, Opportunities Tossed

Certainly a sympathetic character early in his life, this week’s monarch of Royal Branding, England’s Charles II, does much through his actions to wreck the glowing personal brand with which he ascends to the throne, but by the same personal brand he later resurrects himself. Charles was only a teenager…

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