Myfanwy Cook

About me

Myfanwy is a prize winning short fiction writer. She has written and taught creative fiction writing from historical fiction, romance and poetry to ‘How to use words effectively’ themed workshops for over ten years. The primary objective of all her workshops and those of her associates is to provide the opportunity for aspiring writers to reach their objectives.

Her approach to coaching writing is a practical one. Myfanwy’s method is aimed at providing aspiring writers with the opportunity to practise, and experiment with the range of skills that are appropriate to the type of fiction or creative writing that they would like to master.

To achieve this she uses structured activities and tasks, which provide a framework for them to progress towards their own goals, such as seeing their work published.

She has written commissioned articles on the craft of writing and has had over 100 stories published in the UK and Australia including historical and romantic fiction. Myfan

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