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Morgan Hart is the author of The Mago Scrolls, the saga of a cook slave caught up in Punic Wars. The offspring of a Greek philosopher and a Carthaginian pleasure slave, Mago spends his youth toiling in the kitchens of Hieron II, ruler of the Greek city-state of Syracuse.

Handsome, pampered, and cocky, Mago has little interest in the momentous events surrounding the outbreak of the greatest conflict in the ancient world as he ascends to the position of archimageiros, the chef de cuisine for Hieron’s glittering court, achieving fame as a culinary genius throughout Greek Sicily. Unbeknownst to Mago, Hieron and his council of advisors have plans for the young chef that will change his life forever. From the debauched revelry of a Greek symposium to vicious electioneering in the Roman forum and onto the pitching deck of a war galley during the greatest sea battle in history, Mago combines gastronomic expertise with the trade craft of a master spy to carry out Hieron’s plans.

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We’re on the QMII and having a wonderful time. We’ll be stopping in Halifax today, then on to the UK. We were treated to a show of dolphins and whales yesterday. What fun. Here are some photos.


Our days in Montreal have been grand including in a wonderful market meal with good friends. Thank you Garth, Giulia, and Jacob! Here are some photos and, of course, we’ll have a post with more stories soon. Cooking a Market Meal with Giulia La Mer Fish Market for the Salmon and Mackerel…

The Canadian

What a train. What a time. We can’t recommend Canada’s VIA Rail train The Canadian from Vancouver BC to Toronto highly enough. Our only complaint was that we didn’t have internet access for most of the trip so we were delayed in putting out an update. We’re on the train…

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