Michael Aye

About me

Michael Aye is a retired naval officer. Joining the navy at 17, he turned 19 riding a Tin Can in Vietnam. During 22 years of service, Michael held all the enlisted ranks from E-1 to E-9. He also held the ranks of CW02-CW04 and retired as a Lieutenant. He has sailed the Mediterranean, North Atlantic, Caribbean, Black Sea and Western Pacific by way of the Panama Canal. During Michael’s time in service, he spent a significant amount of time stationed with USMC, first as a Corpsman and later as a Physician Assistant. He Retired as the Medical Officer as the Marine Corps Logistical Base in Albany, Ga. Upon retiring from the Navy, Michael attended the UNMC where he specialized in the treatment of allergy and asthma and is now a partner in a busy allergy practice with four clinics in South Georgia. Michael is the author of the popular nautical fiction series The Fighting Anthony’s. He also published the first in a trilogy on the War of 1812. He has just started a new series titled Pyrates.

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