Merryn Allingham

About me

I taught 19th century English literature for many years so when I decided to begin writing,this was the period that attracted me most. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable, particularly doing the research needed to portray settings as authentically as possible.

In the last five years I’ve published six Regency romances and they were great fun to write. Recently, though, I’ve changed my writing name and begun to paint on a wider canvas. My first book as Merryn Allingham was The Crystal Cage, a mystery romance which tells parallel stories set in two time periods: contemporary London and the London of 1851, the year of the Great Exhibition.

This year I’m publishing a trilogy set in India and London during the late 1930s/1940s. The first book of the Daisy’s War saga is The Girl from Cobb Street. It was published in January this year and has proved a popular read. Fingers crossed for the rest of the trilogy!

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