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World War II historian and historical fiction writer. Author of NEBRASKA POW CAMPS: A HISTORY OF WWII PRISONERS IN THE HEARTLAND.

I love connecting with other writers of WW2 historical fiction!

From my website

Reclaiming Me

There’s something very powerful about finding yourself again. After 18 years of a toxic marriage, I had no idea that I’d lost my essence. But I had. And now I’m reclaiming it. Bit by bit. The first few months were excruciating, yet even then I could see how the woman…


It’s been years since I’ve attempted to do NaNoWriMo. But this November, I’m taking the plunge. I’ve got a great new story idea with some pretty awesome characters, and once I figure out the basics of my plot, I will be ready to go. Why do NaNo this November? Simple.…

Change Is Good

I started my first blog way back in 2005 and maintained it (more or less) ever since. It’s still up at this link: However, since life imploded in a big way back in January (i.e. divorce due to my husband’s infidelity), I was aching for a change. I didn’t…

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