Melissa Marsh

About me

World War II historian and historical fiction writer. Author of NEBRASKA POW CAMPS: A HISTORY OF WWII PRISONERS IN THE HEARTLAND.

I love connecting with other writers of WW2 historical fiction!

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On My Own

All weekend, I’ve been laid up with another rheumatoid arthritis flare. I spent Friday in bed, sleeping most of the time, and on Saturday, I managed to get groceries and spend the evening with family for our family Christmas that night. Today, we had planned to go to a local…

Why the Rush?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in a hurry. A hurry to get done with high school. A hurry to find a boyfriend. A hurry to get done with college. A hurry to get married. A¬†hurry to have a baby. A hurry to get a book published.…

On Weddings

Since my divorce in June, I’ve been to two weddings (three if you count the mock wedding at my niece’s wedding shower), and none of them have been easy. You see, I have just a little trouble with that whole vow thing. Forsaking all others… In sickness and in health……

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