Melissa Marsh

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World War II historian and historical fiction writer.

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On Adversity

What's on my mind this Sunday evening?  A lot.My little family has suffered quite a few setbacks this year. It hasn't been easy to weather these times, but one thing I do know: it has brought us closer and made us stronger. I take comfort in this Bible verse:"We are…

Writing: Setting the Mood

I'm a person who loves to be cozy. During the autumn and winter months, I thrive on snuggling under blankets and wearing long sweaters. I love sipping hot cocoa and making thick, hearty soups.I need to feel cozy when I write, too. It sets the mood, makes me feel comfortable,…


Do you ever feel restless? I don't mean sitting around the house, bored, and wanting to do something but not knowing what. No, I mean restless with life. As in, let's change it up. Let's do something totally life-altering.Move to a different town, a different state, a different country. Meet…

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