Melissa Marsh

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World War II historian and historical fiction writer. Author of NEBRASKA POW CAMPS: A HISTORY OF WWII PRISONERS IN THE HEARTLAND.

I love connecting with other writers of WW2 historical fiction!

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One Day at a Time

I've always tried to live with this mentality: One day at a time. Unfortunately, when I implement it, I fail spectacularly. But for this particular moment in my life, that may be a good thing. Confused yet?The pain I've experienced over the past six months has been nothing short of…


Over the weekend, I traveled home to western Nebraska for my niece's wedding shower BBQ with her fiance. We held it on my brother's farm and even though it was hot, we had a great turn out and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.And me? I realized once again that I have…

The Power of Journaling

I've kept a journal since I got out of college. I honestly don't know what I would do without it. On those blank pages, I record the day's activities, comment on national and international events, and most importantly, pour my heart out. It's a place for me to take stock…

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