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I was born in Pinner, England & brought up on Jersey, near France. I have a Master’s degree in Medieval & Tudor Studies as well as holding a BA in art history.

It is through the lives of artists & their work that provides inspiration for my novels. Nicholas Hilliard is such a character.

The Truth of the Line is about Hilliard & his relationship with Elizabeth I & her Court. A novel is the perfect way of exploring the symbolism in his portraits of Elizabeth whilst weaving his life story with events of the time. From original documents & images I explore his association with two Queens, his relationship with influential Tudor Courtiers and the possibility he stumbled on a dark secret of Elizabeth & Robert Dudley. My interpretations may be considered controversial. I have tried to look at Catholic medieval symbolism through the Hilliard’s Protestant eyes to suggest other meanings to his portraits of the Virgin Queen. It is up to the reader to choose to believe them, or not

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Professor David Loades FSA

It was so sad to hear of the passing of Professor David Loades. He was Professor of History at the University of College North Wales for sixteen years from 1980 & Research Professor at the University of Sheffield from 1996 – 2008.   Professor Loades’s contribution to our knowledge of…

Meet the Authors Evening – 24th September 2016

Where “The Venue” Conferences Central Malet Street London WC1E 7HY Date 24 September 2016 7:30PM – 10:30PM Discount Tickets are £10.00 – LIMITED Full Price Tickets are £15.00 Attractions 18 Top Authors/Historians/Bloggers Professional Photographer “Discuss your book” booth Mingle with the Authors Question and Answer session THREE HOURS WITH OUR…

Is this image Anne Boleyn or Joan Bergavenny?

Is this photograph of a late 18th/early 19th century engraving of a 16th century panel portrait of a woman that is clearly labelled Joan Bergavenny on the original engraving, really Anne Boleyn? The 2007 exhibition Lost Faces: Identity & Discovery in Tudor Royal Portraiture at The Philip Mould Gallery featured a post-mortem…

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