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I write historical fiction focused on WWI and WWII. In addition to writing and research, I enjoy exploring how the changing world of publishing is affecting writers, agents, publishers and others. HNS offers a wonderful change to connect and participate with like-minded individuals.

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Where Does the Power of Fiction Lie?

In a discussion hosted by the University of Cambridge, Dr. Sarah Burton, Director of Creative Writing at that institution, talks about the journey fiction embodies “where the reader and writer have made a compact, where a point of view is shared, where common responses are exploited.” In that same discussion,…

Owen – Book One of The Tudor Trilogy by Tony Riches

Tony Riches is a UK historical fiction author living in Pembrokeshire, Wales. We met online as people do these days and have developed a friendship across the Atlantic. Tony hosts The Writing Desk – a blog that “aims to create insightful, relevant content to encourage new writers and support authors with book launches,…

9 Questions to Test your Author Entrepreneurship

Following the interest sparked by Lifetime Value of an Author and Authors Need to Plan, I thought I would add to the business discussion of what it takes to be an author with the premise that writers must act like entrepreneurs who are business, market and technology savvy. Typically entrepreneurs…

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