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I write historical fiction focused on WWI and WWII. In addition to writing and research, I enjoy exploring how the changing world of publishing is affecting writers, agents, publishers and others. HNS offers a wonderful change to connect and participate with like-minded individuals.

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The Writing of the Garth Trilogy

Lynette Mcdermott, an Australian author, is writing a trilogy based on the surprising story of how her ancestors came to Australia. Welcome, Lynette and thanks for being on A Writer of History. THE WRITING OF THE GARTH TRILOGY – by Lynette Mcdermott What mix of twisting coils of DNA made me…

Truth or Dare

A few months ago, I read The Lady of the Tower by Elizabeth St. John, a wonderful story set during the time of James I. Today, Elizabeth weighs the balance of truth and fiction in historical fiction. Welcome to A Writer of History, Elizabeth. TRUTH OR DARE: THE PARADOX OF HISTORICAL…

Maisie Dobbs – a review by Sarah Zama

Sarah Zama has followed A Writer of History for some time now and a few months ago mentioned some historical fiction she’d been reading, so I invited her to write a book review for the blog. In today’s post she’s reviewing Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear (she also has a review…

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