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I write historical fiction focused on WWI and WWII. In addition to writing and research, I enjoy exploring how the changing world of publishing is affecting writers, agents, publishers and others. HNS offers a wonderful change to connect and participate with like-minded individuals.

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How I Write Historical Fiction by Geoff Micks

Geoff Micks is a fellow Toronto author whom I met online a while ago. He’s already written three novels, the last one being itself the first of planned trilogy with an intriguing premise (see below). I think you’ll find Geoff’s thoughts on writing historical fiction very interesting. How I Write Historical Fiction…

Inside Historical Fiction with J.B. Rivard

J. B. Rivard, author of Illusions of Magic, is a creative man. He’s written songs as well as orchestral works, exhibited award-winning paintings and etchings, worked as a reporter and journalist, published cartoons and illustrations, written novels and short stories. Today he talks about writing historical fiction. MKT: What are the ‘magic…

TIFF delivers great movies

Ian and I have seen a number of great movies so far at TIFF this year in addition to A United Kingdom, which I posted about on Tuesday. MARIE CURIE – a French film (English subtitles) directed by Marie Noelle and starring Karolina Gruszka. A wonderful performance by Gruszka brings us…

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