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I write historical fiction focused on WWI and WWII. In addition to writing and research, I enjoy exploring how the changing world of publishing is affecting writers, agents, publishers and others. HNS offers a wonderful change to connect and participate with like-minded individuals.

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Inside Historical Fiction with Elise McCune

From Melbourne, Australia, Elise McCune, author of Castle of Dreams and a memoir called From the Heart, gives us her take on writing historical fiction. MKT: What are the ‘magic ingredients’ that make historical fiction unforgettable/irresistible? And in your opinion, what do the best historical fiction writers do to ‘get it…

Lisbon in Wartime: Spies and Lies

Deborah Lawrenson shares a unique perspective on WWII – that of Portugal and its capital city Lisbon. Deborah is the author of 300 Days of Sun and several other novels. Welcome to A Writer of History, Deborah. Lisbon in wartime: spies and lies As the lights went out across Europe…

Paris Day One

Researching 19th century Paris is my primary purpose for the next three weeks – more specifically, the early 1870s. I’ve prepared myself with a list of museums, monuments, sites, streets and parks to explore in order to engage the senses and imagination. My lovely husband booked us into an AirBNB apartment in…

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