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I’m a time traveller when writing HF: biblical, 19th century, medieval–they’re all good! I’m also a book reviewer for HNS. Check out: for more info.

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Next Mystery Will be Set in Venice

The second Sargent/Paget Mystery is set in the dreamlike, watery city of Venice -- a tourist attraction even in 1879 when the likes of Henry James, John Sargent, James Whistler, and many other artists, literati and socialites from all over the world gathered to glide along the canals and drink…

Glastonbury--Avalon--The Isle of Glass

Whatever name it's called, the area of Somerset that cradles the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey beneath the watchful Chapel of St. Michael high on the Tor is a mystical, magical, serene and uncanny place, and has been since the Dawn of Time. In addition to the spirits of nameless and…

In the Shadow of Hadrian's Wall

In The Spoils of Avalon, the characters of Gwillem Moor (the blind Welsh bard) and Arthur Joseph, the young monk of Glastonbury Abbey, set out on a journey to the far north of England, near the Scottish border -- to Lanercost. It takes them a month to walk about 400…

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