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Former Protestant clergyman; graduate University of California, Literature and Philosophy. San Francisco Theological Seminary, Fuller Seminary 1960. Further grad study in Christian Origins, second-century Gnosticism. Author, The Cosmic Lady Was Right, Forgotten. The latter–yet to find an agent or a publisher–is an imaginative reconstruction of Christian beginnings in second-century Antioch where Ignatius sets in motion a movement to create a literalistic institution based on the prevailing mystical Jesus Movement. It’s 100 CE, no Gospels yet. Over in Ephesus the pristine Gnostic Gospel of John is a Work in Progress. Paul leaves when things start getting historical. My protagonist Marcellus, newly installed as deputy deacon to ‘Old Iggy,’ is a notorious skeptic who becomes a misogynist when jilted by his girl Sapphira. Upon losing his boss to the lions in the Coliseum he inherits the project of turning his tiny band of Literalists into a macho world religion. Any agents out there?

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Goodbye Bing Crosby, Hello George Bush, Part 4

  It is painful.   I find myself groping for words. It is hard to express this sorrow, this story I could never have anticipated, the surprise of my life, this thing I have lived through, this ongoing scenario, the drama that will not go away. Each day brings new…

Goodbye Bing Crosby, Hello George Bush, Part 3

Then one day I entered the Diner and there was a new voice coming from the juke box! New kid named Sinatra...   The radio, and the telephone, and the movies that we know may just be passing fancies, and in time may go...   And in time they did—or…

Goodbye Bing Crosby, Hello George Bush, Part 2

      Yes, I confess. Just like you, I want to take back America. My America of course. Only in my case, it's not to some imaginary Christian society of a mythical past I wish to return, nor to the world of the Founding Fathers. I wasn't around then,…

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