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Former Protestant clergyman; graduate University of California, Literature and Philosophy. San Francisco Theological Seminary, Fuller Seminary 1960. Further grad study in Christian Origins, second-century Gnosticism. Author, The Cosmic Lady Was Right, Forgotten. The latter–yet to find an agent or a publisher–is an imaginative reconstruction of Christian beginnings in second-century Antioch where Ignatius sets in motion a movement to create a literalistic institution based on the prevailing mystical Jesus Movement. It’s 100 CE, no Gospels yet. Over in Ephesus the pristine Gnostic Gospel of John is a Work in Progress. Paul leaves when things start getting historical. My protagonist Marcellus, newly installed as deputy deacon to ‘Old Iggy,’ is a notorious skeptic who becomes a misogynist when jilted by his girl Sapphira. Upon losing his boss to the lions in the Coliseum he inherits the project of turning his tiny band of Literalists into a macho world religion. Any agents out there?

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Goodbye Bing Crosby, Hello George Bush, Part 2

      Yes, I confess. Just like you, I want to take back America. My America of course. Only in my case, it's not to some imaginary Christian society of a mythical past I wish to return, nor to the world of the Founding Fathers. I wasn't around then,…

Goodbye Bing Crosby, Hello George Bush

It's a hidden agenda. You probably haven't heard about it. They never use the word “Dominionism.” You'll never hear it, even on Fox News. You call yourself a Christian, but you've never heard it. You go to a church whose pastor knows all about it, but isn't talking. But if…

Hitler and the Goddess

  You know what? A battle is going on all around us in our time, harbinger of a monumental paradigm shift, maybe the biggest in recorded history—and I'll bet you're sleeping through it. Awake! As a sort of Gnostic, that's my message, in case you hadn't noticed. I keep trying.…

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