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I am an ERYT Hatha Yoga Instructor and Studio Owner of Pure Intention Yoga in Brooklin, Ontario. I am also a Published Freelance Author with numerous articles in print. I have co-authored the powerful, spiritual, self-help book LIFE: Living in Fulfillment Every Day and have just signed with St. Martin Press for my historical fiction Raven’s Blood. When I’m not writing, I’m looking after my incredible children, hanging out with my wonderful husband, walking my two adorable dogs, dancing, laughing and having fun.

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Pleasure Incorporated: Pamela and the Plumber Part 2

DISCLAIMER: This is first draft stuff. If you haven’t read part one of this hot story… check it out here first! “I’m Paul, the hotel sent me to help.” He handed me a business card for Childs’ Brothers: Laying pipe day and night, as big as you need and as…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hope you all got your green on. In gratitude, Marissa xo

Sexy New Trailer Hot in Aruba

I’m thrilled to share the tantalizing trailer for Hot in Aruba! So sexy.  ;D In gratitude, Marissa xo

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